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Tuesday 19th January




HMRC Counter Fraud Investigator Apprenticeship

The Counter Fraud Investigator Apprenticeship (CFIA) has been designed in collaboration with government organisations known as 'Trailblazers'. Mapped to the Investigation standards of the Government Counter Fraud Profession, the apprenticeship will present a consistent cross-government approach to assessing standards, and provide an opportunity for individuals to pursue a new career in counter fraud. In HMRC we are closely collaborating with our training team to finalise the curriculum that will be delivered to future apprentices, and are looking forward to starting recruitment under this scheme in 2021.


Croydon College


AstraZeneca Apprenticeships at AstraZeneca

Background about the different apprenticeship options at AstraZeneca and ‘day in the life’ case studies from current apprentices working in different business areas.


JTL Becoming a JTL Apprentice


ASK Apprenticeships ‘What is an Apprenticeship and what opportunities are available?

The National Apprenticeship Service explore the main benefits of Apprenticeships and how they should be considered as a real alternative to full time education. 

Discussing the range of qualifications that can be achieved, including Higher and Degree Apprenticeships, the range of sectors in which you can work and learn, the potential job roles; from a Solicitor, Cyber Security expert to a Digital Marketing Apprentice and find out where to start your search and apply.


Trafford Housing Trust Insights into Apprenticeships at THT

Talking to the apprenticeships lead, a current and past apprentice, the Schools Partnership Programme Manager explores apprenticeships at THT with advice for future candidates on how to apply, and succeed in an apprenticeship